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Hairy Lady Next Door

The official reason for taking the attic bedroom was its atmosphere, but the real one its view.
Only from there I could watch May taking sunbaths.
Last year I had been able to spot her a few times, had limited access though, as back then it still was a study. A few times watching her and playing with my penis. And doing it again and again while reviewing my own mindcam.

Now it was May only but the sunbeams were warm and May was there. The first good day of the year and my eighteen year old nextdoor cutie took the chance and went for it.
I had just seen the rest of her f****y leave and was listening to music as she tried to settle on the stretcher.
Kind of the same May, just even more platonically since she started dating that guy with the sportscar.
The same golden bikini as last year, but another year older. The small cut bikini that she wouldn't wear on the beach, but in the garden only. Just: she had outgrown it.

Lying on her tummy, her panties disappeared between her buttcheeks, pulling them out only helped for a moment.
The roundings had increased, her butt had become big and round, and still firm. A most feminin butt, 'As if a thin layer of warm caramel is below he skin', I thought. My penis was like concrete.

She stood up to grab a smoke and sat down again.
Still, twentyfive years later, I remember the thrill of seeing her boobs waggle and one of them lazily tossing over the edge of her bikini as she plumply sat down, in that typical abrupt way of moving that she had.
Carelessly all was pushed back in again.

But the very large cherry colored areolas had already done it - before I realized I came all over my hand and underarm. I didn´t masturbate that often, just started doing so, really – I only needed that much visual stimuli and was sold.
And even quicker than I came, I knew what I'd do next. This weird and crazy plan hit in like lightning and was stronger than the rest of me.

Pulling my basketballshorts back up, dipping the cum on my belly with my boxer, but leaving my right hand all covered, I took JW's comic book and walked out of the house.

'Hey May, here's JW's comic, is he is in?'. 'Hey James, they're all gone, just put in on the kitchen table and grab two cans of coke on yr way out, will you?'. Of course I would.
I could feel a slightly awkward twinkling in my penis as I walked the garden path towards her. Felt that it was rising again.
Carrying one coke, keeping my meanwhile sticky right hand free.
Gave her the coke and hastily sat down. She didn’t seem to notice the bulge in my pants though. 'No coke for Jamy?', she said with a very sweet 'Jamy', going high octaves. 'Come and sit next to me anyway'.

I felt a bit dizzy, being so near to the girl I had masturbated about so often, with cum still on my hand, while she wore a meanwhile mini bikini. So I didn’t say anything in return to her, but sat down and looked instead.
Her sunglassed face, these full lips, her beautiful curly black hair, her large breast, only half covered by the tiny bikini.

And when I glanced at her belly button for a split second and thought I saw hair there.
Couldn't look again as she quickly turned onto her belly.
Hair was new. Hardly got used to my own, not something to talk about with anyone back then, but one thing that never came to my eyes before: a girls hair down there. I was so excited. My penis kind of contracted, with a will of its own.

May just kept on talking.
'I want to be equally brown, front and back you know.
So, cream my up, Jamy'.
Spoken without any seasoning, dry as if she asked for the salt during dinner.

Long seconds later I finally understood and poored sunmilk into my hand.
Mixed it with my jizz.
White transparent drops on her still milky white back.
A bit of sunmilk and quite a bit of me on beautiful her.
Her warm and soft skin with this secret foil on it.

Precum came, I felt. My facedown penis couldn't move inside my boxer, it hurt a bit.

'Did you notice that I never wear those on the beach?', she asked with a smile.
'Yeah, guess so'.
'Nothing wrong with your eyes then Jamy', she giggled.
'Jamy, also my behind please.
And yeah, I shave, but only sometimes, it's been half a year'.

I didn't know what to say and didn't say anything. Had she touched my penis or my balls, I would have splashed it all out immediately. My cheeks were like tomatoes, I realized.

Her hands moved my wrists away from my back, onto her butt.
It was as if my hands were somebody else’s, as I couldn’t understand that all this happened to me.

'Not just the sunmilk', she said and pulled her buttocks apart, using both her hands.
'Your s****r got so much hair too, Jamyjamy?', she giggled and, pushing her butt up a bit 'you see those moist lips below all that hair Jamy?'...
I stopped creaming, mechanically. Speechless, still, I just looked and didn't talk. Couldn't. Couldn't understand at all that my neighbor May was showing off her privates to me. That I actually touched her butt, made it oily. That she not just flashed her pubes, but let me have a stare instead.
I just looked. And saw thick, black hair all the way, passing her anus, finishing just before the tailbone. Long curly girl hair. Patterned generously, fanning out at least four centimeters from where I thought her hidden butthole must have been and from her also heavily covered pussylips.
Somewhere in the middle of that a deep red mouth with white juicy whires between its lips.
A scent that I hadn't known before.

Abruptly she turned again, taking off her bikini and panties, showing her front side, all in one movement, it seemed.
'Nice big boobs and very sensitive nipples, don't you agree?
But here as well: I'm so hairy Jamy, it's more and thicker and longer that anyone else's!.
Can you find the hole, you think?'.
She let her fingers go through the huge bush as I looked at them.
The hair reached on to her belly button, covered the inside of her thighs, being so thick that she skin below was invisible.
Even her fingertips disappeared in the fur.

My penis almost bursted, had no place to move.
'Aua', I grunted, pointing at my downstairs. Aua was all I was able to say.
She pulled the pants of my skinny hips in one fluent go and my penis slammed against her boob, leaving a precum drop..
'Wow, that's big. Bigger than JW's and almost as big as Jeffrey's and he's nineteen already!
Jamy, now don't be shy. Listen, I pull you one if you do the finger test: you moisten your fingers in my pussy one by one and then put them back in, until I cannot have anymore of them, okay?'
I didn't understand but nodded and underwent what happened, being mileshigh in the sky.

One in, one out.
They went in so easily. She led my index in and I did the others myself. One by one.
All five wet.
All five smelly. Girl smell.

'Index in Jamy, middle in. Yes, just like that. Now work those two for a while'.
I felt juice between my two fingers, while they were inside of May´s pussy. Kept on moving them in and almost fully out again. It became even wetter and seemed to fit my fingers better with every go.
She held my penis without moving it, it pulsed in her hand.

Aften a minute or so she gave her next command:'Yeah Jamy and now join the ring finger and the small finger, both'.
Her tightness hurt my fingers a bit, it was hard to get them in, I had to push really hard to get the small finger in as well.
She seemed to like it though, breathing heavier all the time, holding my wrist and making my hand rotate.

'And your thumb? Put it underneath the middle and the ring finger and move up the hand. Only when your fingers are completely in, I massage your dick'.
I somehow couldn't make it work so she helped me to get into the right position. Her own jizz no her hand now.
Finally, a very firm push and I managed.
The reward was there hand started going up and down my shaft, slowly.

'Over the nuckles Jamy, all the way in now, do it'.
Her hand held still and pinched way too hard as I did so. She moaned, but just a bit, a sweet and soft moan.

Inside it wasn't as tight as at the gate, it felt very warm though and between my wrist and all that hair I saw precum like pussy juice cuming up.
Her grib loosened and I received new instructions 'And now move three centimeters further in and then back again,
In the same paste that I work on your dick'.

We started slow and ended so quickly, I almost passed out when she took my penis into her mouth just when I came. She must have swallowed, I never saw any cum on her face.
I think that she came too, just before that, but was lack experience to understand back then.

A last sigh and she pulled out my fist, really slowly.
A flower of cherry flavor hubba bubba, big rings of pussylips that fully closed wiithin two seconds, lost in the bush again.

Again, like hypnotized I stared at the incredible thick and wide spread fur that my hand had disappeared into. White milky drops came showed there.
I realised that I should have used my other hand, perhaps I got her pregnant now…
Her quick mouth already:'You see, still a bit of Jeffrey's cum coming out of me, even though I showered', she said, removing the jizz with this inside of her hand and licking it off in one movement.
Hairy Lady Next Door

I looked at my sticky hand and quickly looked away again, my eyes found her pussy again. Did she really just say that? So perhaps indeed some of his glue had gotten on my hand? With some sunmilk and girly jizz? I got an instant boner again, even though half disgusted.

She slammed me on the cheek gently with the inside of her hand, 'look into my eyes not into my pussy´, she said.
'Cover up your dick cause I won't jerk it off again, they'll be home any minute.
And when you masturbate again please close the window, cause I heard you jagging off in there.
And don't ever tell anyone, at least, not in this life about what we just did.
And now go home'. paris vip escorts
I numbly nodded, put my pants on again and went home. Jerked off at least three more times that day.
Never got close to May again, she didn't pay any attention to me when I played with JW and moved in with Jeffrey later that year.
Two decades later I still have a very weak spot for hairy women though.
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