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The History of Kim, Part 11

We had, several months earlier, gone to the Justice of the Peace, and were married, UNDER VIETNAMESE LAW. I went to personell and had our papers, so they could be put into my records. The clerk, a good friend of mine, told that the papers weren't any good, and that I had to get permission from the Military Command to get married and take her home with me. I had never thought about it until I was told I would STILL have to leave her behind, that I WAS IN LOVE WITH THIS GIRL. I felt as if someone had kicked me in the gut. I asked him, then, what I would have to do. He told me that, as I had just won him $20.00, he would help me. It turns out that him and Top had a bet. He had said I would come straight to him, and Top had said HE thought I would come to the Orderly Room.
The History of Kim, Part 11

I went, per instructions, to see Top, and tell him what I wanted to do. Top was waiting for me. The clerk had called to gloat about winning the money from him.

He, after a bit of mock anger, promisied to "take it out of my hide." Then he took me back to the Conference Room. Our Ops. NCO, and the Company XO were already there, and our Company Commander came in when he heard Top and I. They sat me down at the big table, and put a manila envelope, AT LEAST 3 inches thick, in front of me. I was instructed to open it up and look at what was inside. One form after another. The XO told me that they ALL had to be completed, certified, and sent to Pacific Headquarters for approval...or DISapproval! We would start RIGHT THEN, so Icould get the CO's signature, and have the witnesses needed on MANY of them. I read, or was read, form after form. Then SFC Money (the OPs NCO)or CPT Walker (the XO) would show me where to sign, or initial, and MAJ. Edwards (the CO) would sign and witness for me. THAT ALONE took two hours, amd most of a pack of cigarettes.

They then explained what else I needed to do, what KIM had to do, and what to expect.
There were twelve different forms that Kim had to take to the city where she was born, and have officials there to fill out and sign. It was the first day of my "weekend" so I went straight home to tell Kim the news.

John was there, but was asl**p, as was Paul. The girls were out shopping, and I was there with Vicki. She had not been in the mood to go downtown that morning. She had just taken a shower and washed her hair, and was sitting outside letting it dry in the sun. We had a chaise lounge, and she was on it, with her hair over the top, where it could dry. She was also TOTALLY NAKED, AND FRESH SHAVED. She had taken to trimming the hair on her pussy to a strip that was about 1 inch wide, and about 2 1/2 inches long, and stopped right above her clit. She also shaved everything BETWEEN her legs. She was a VERY lovely sight. She was about 5 feet tall, small, perky tits with nipples that were NEVER flat, a smoothe flat belly, her "racing stripe" and hips that were just enough to be soft, round, and a GREAT handfull. She, like the other girls, enjoyed having men look at them, and the reactions that resulted. I NEVER tired of looking at, or fucking, any of them. I always considered myself EXTREMELY lucky to have a situation as I did. Eight beautiful women. Wanh and another girl named Thuoc, (pr. TOO) had been there much of the time lately. Wanh and Mai were about the same age, and had pretty much buddied up.

Vicki lay there on the lounge, for a few more moments, got up and went inside to get her hairbrush, and returned to finish her hair. We talked a bit, with her sitting to give me the best view of her, and started brushing her hair. She told me that the other girls had waited for me, but, when I was so late getting home, went ahead without me. They had only been gone less than an hour. A SHORT trip for that crowd would be 2-3 hours.

Vicki didn't take long to finish her hair, as it was very fine and silky. It was coal black, straight, and hung to the upper curve of her beautiful ass. It was positively GORGEOUS. (The hair AND her ass) She suggested that I should go and take my shower and rest until the other girls came home. I asked her if, after my shower, I didn't want to rest, WHAT THEN? Her answer came quickly, and with a smile. "I give you some PUSSY."

I went inside, stripped down, and took my shower. I dried off and stepped through the door, and saw Vicki, on my bed, STILL naked, with a pillow under her ass. "HEY, G.I. You want boom-boom? I make you feel fuckin' good! You can fuck me, long time, mebbe you fuck me two time." I had heard this from LEIN, almost every day, but NEVER from VICKI!!! She was too reserved to talk like this, I THOUGHT! I wondered what other surprises she had for me.

She was smiling when I asked what caused her to talk like THAT. She told me, "I just wanted to see the look on your face. What you think?" I told her that that was okay for Lein, but just didn't sound right coming from her. "Let Lein talk like that, YOU stay the same. Little, sweet, and beautiful." That was her "gift." She was the delicate little china doll, that dearly LOVED to FUCK.

THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT WE DID! She spread her legs, reached down to open her tap, and told me flatly. "Don't eat me first, I too wet, already. I wan' you fuck me, good, an'cum in my pussy, TWO TIME!!! Tomorrow, nex' day, I got my period. You give me good fuck, it knock me up. You take Kim go home, I got baby for my bes' frien'. All my life, ever' time I look my baby, I see YOU face. Mebbe I never see YOU, again, but I got you, FOREVER, MY WHOLE LIFE."

This was the first time ANY of the girls had shown any emotion like this. We enjoyed sex together, and we laughed and took care of each other. Kim and I had made it known we were ready for the LOOONG haul, and had discussed getting married. The others were in it ONLY to the end of their tours.

I went on top of Vicki, entering her gently, and slowly, savoring every delicious sensation I got from her. She locked her legs around me, and began to slowly gyrate her hips, thrusting slowly up to meet me. It was NOT fucking, THIS time. We were making slow,sweet, passionate, LOVE. NO FRANTIC, "WHAM, BAM, THANK YOU MA'AM", "Tear off a piece and GO!" shot of leg. THIS WAS AN ATTEMPT AT BRINGING FORTH A c***d.

We put everything we had into this effort. We both knew that Kim would approve. She had, several times, asked if I could handle making her, or one of the other girls, pregnant. I had never thought about it. ALL of the girls talked about getting a 'Merican baby. None of them (that I knew of) EVER used ANY kind of birth control. NOT EVEN CONDOMS!!! If a man tried to put on a condom, it was the same as telling them they had a NASTY pussy, and was considered an INSULT. Condoms were only used with "Short-Time girls, or Massage Parlor girls. Girls that might have ten or twelve different guys a DAY. The girls here were LONG_time girls. THEY WERE SPECIAL, and went to a doctor TWICE A WEEK for a check-up.

We made love for a long, long time, finally, several times for her, we hit the jackpot. She groaned out loud, as did I, filling her completely. She had a wet towel, which she used to clean me off, and then layed it across her vagina, (I couldn't call it a pussy, anymore)keeping her butt elevated on the pillow. She didn't want to lose a single drop of my seed. She made me promise to make love to her one more time, TO MAKE SURE SHE WOULD GET PREGNANT.

I went outside to think this through, when the girls came home. I got the papers out to show to Kim, and explained which ones she would have to take home. SHE WAS EXTATIC!!! She asked if I minded if she left today, and I told her that she could go as soon as she wanted. She went in and packed a few things, talked to Vicki, who was still on the bed, and gave me a kiss. She was so happy she was beside herself. She would have to be gone for four days, but she knew the other girls would take care of me...ESPECIALLY VICKI. Her last words as she left the house were, "Give Vicki all she wan'. She wan' baby for you, SO MUCH! I tell her it okay for her got you baby, I GOT YOU, FOREVER!!!"

Apparently, she had told Vicki the same thing. Vicki layed in the bed for over an hour, had cleaned the OUTSIDE of her body, and had asked if I would come inside, and make love to her, DOGGY-STYLE, so maybe, she HOPED, it would go even deeper inside. I took another shower, and ate supper first. Vicki, this time joined me in the shower, completely taking over. All I had to do was stand there, while she scrubbed me from head to toe. Wanh and Lein had decided to show off their cooking skills, and had fixed red snapper fish, bread THEY had made, Steak Fries, and a Mango Pie. We ALL stuffed ourselves until we were in sweet agony. We sat around outside, complaining that we had eaten too much, and just enjoying ourselves. Vicki had promised Kim that SHE would take care of me, and was by my side the whole evening. Paul and John had to work the next day, so they decided to take Hong and Lein, and go to bed. 0400 comes VERY early. William was there, and he, too, had to get up early. We had invited him to stay the night, and he had agreed, so him and Wanh stayed together. The other girls had described him COMPLETELY to Wanh, and she was anxious to receive his attention. (Among OTHER things)

Vicki suggested that WE turn in, TOO! She, as she put it, was feeling "empty."

We went into the bedroom. I had been wearing papa-san shorts, with nothing underneath, and she, when she came outside, was wearing her shift, ALSO with nothing underneath, so disrobing was just a string pull and pull down. She was naked again in the blink of an eye, but, then she squatted down, next to the bed, and stuck two fingers into her pussy. A short pull and she had a piece of gauze with some cotton balls inside, between her fingers. She looked up at me, smiled, and explained, "DIS MY CORK. I put dis in my pussy so you cum no go any where. I keep inside me, so I be knocked up. NOW...YOU give me more cream, so I can got you baby." The idea had settled in my mind, and I LIKED it. I watched her take the wad of damp material and flush it down the toilet. She came out, damp from washing, looked me in the eye, and told me, "Come on an' gimme more you cum. My hot pussy ready eat you cock."

I knew she had not cleaned her pussy INSIDE, but, when she knelt on the edge of the bed, I couldn't resist giving her pussy a kiss, which turned into me eating her. She tried feebly, to resist, but, she ENJOYED having me eat her pussy so much that she began to encourage me to eat her MORE. I nibbled around the lips of her pussy, occassionaly sticking my tongue inside of her, and licking her little joy-button. She was hissing and blowing like she was in agony. Then I heard he voice. It was almost too faint to hear, and wouldn't be audible more that three or four feet away. "Ooohhh, eat me mooore. I lub you eat me like dat. Make me nyap-nyap(pussy contractions)too much. I sooo horney for you biiig cock. OHHH MY GOD!!!(out loud) I CUM, AGAIN!!! GIMME YOU COCK! GODDAM, I READY FOR YOU FUCK ME!!! PUT YOU COCK INSIDE ME!!! GIMME TO MUCH FUCK, GIMME TOO MUCH YOU CREAM GO MY PUSSY. FUUUUCCK MEEEE!!! NOOOOW!!!"

I raised up and stuck my dick into her pussy, pushing deep inside. I heard something, and, turning my head, saw that her last outburst, SO UNUSUAL FOR VICKI, had gotten EVERYBODIES attention. They were ALL curious, AND ANXIOUS, to see Vicki acting like this. They weren't saying anything, just watching. I had been watched , before, and Vicki didn't know, so I went back to what I was doing, which was FUCKING A BEAUTIFUL WOMAN! I had a good, firm hold on her soft, smooth ass, and began to pump her pussy for all it was worth. I wasn't taking it easy on her, but was slamming into HARD, with every stroke. This was the FIRST time ANY of us, EVEN THE GIRLS, who had known her MUCH longer, HAD HEARD HER CRY OUT, where ANYBODY could hear her. The only thing I could think of was that the excitement of REALLY trying to get pregnant had effected her. All OTHER times, it was a case of, "If I get pregnant, I get pregnant...just enjoy getting a "Merican" cock." TONIGHT, her MAIN PURPOSE was to have a baby.

The excitement she was feeling was contagious. I had, it seemed, just barely started, when I felt myself trying to cum. I tried to hold it back, but was about as able to hold it, as I was to fly, so I gave up, and let it blast. Vicki SCREAMED OUT LOUD, and pushed back to catch the whole stream. I groaned and let it ALL loose. The others, still standing there, watching, began to applaud. Vicki looked around and saw them for the first time. NO MATTER! She was getting what SHE wanted.
What had amazed ME was that, even after ALL THIS, I was STILL HARD! I was out of breath, and was sweating like a Missouri mule, but WAS STILL HARD. Vicki saw this, too, and rolled to her side, lifting her leg so I could stick it to her for a "lazy" fuck.

I lay down behind her, slipping back into her pussy, and began to slowly pump into her. She turned to kiss me like she had NEVER done before. It was long and so very sweet. I felt something damp, and saw tears running down her cheeks. UH-OH! Did this mean it was something more than I (AND Kim) thought it was. She saw the look of alarm on my face, and told me straight out, knowing what I was thinking. "YES, I love you, but, I love KIM, TOO! She my BEST friend, long time. I don't wan' take you 'way from her, I just wan' you give me baby. Bot' you so good for me, make me love you, TOO MUCH! I wan' you both love together, forever, make lots of babies, and be so happy! NOW!!! I tell you this, KIM know, already, loong time, ago. Thas why she no worry 'bout you fuck me like dis. NOW, you fini fuck me, we sl**p. Tomorrow, I not got my period, yet, we fuck some MORE. I wan' all you cream I can get.

This settled, she lay back on my arm, and began to grind her hips. MERCY!!! She was contracting inside, almost like a snapper, but GENTLER. It was enoughto make her even TIGHTER. She was also rolling back to give me the best time I had EVER had with her... and that was SAYING something. She was ALWAYS, in HER way, one of the best. She was gentle, sweet, and not at all demanding. She took what was given her, and was grateful for it. She ALWAYS told her lover, "Thank You," after he had fucked her, and had cum INSIDE of her.

We went on for a while longer, finally reaching our peak, and orgasmed at the same time, both completely spent. We didn't even move, just drifting off, still joined, into oblivion. Ther were no dreams for me. I could never dream ANYTHING this good.

I woke up the next morning, Vicki still on my arm. I lay there looking at her, realizing how EASY it would be to fall in love with this sweet lady. She stirred, and rolled over to smile at me, and say "Good Morning, MY LOVE." I need clean us,
an get somethin' to eat. I sooo hungry. Come on, we go take shower."

We showered, I shaved, and Vicki went out to the vendor down the street, and got a plate of eggs and a loaf of rice bread for me, and a bowl of her favorite soup for her, brought it back, and we ate. In spite of all that had happened, and WAS happening, I was MISSING KIM! She had never been away like THIS. I realized then that I had it BAD...and I LIKED the feeling. I just wished she was there for me to TELL her so. TWO MORE DAYS, MAYBE THREE, of this. I promised myself I WOULD TELL HER SO, when she got back.

I heard a jeep outside on the street. It stopped at the gate, and in came Paul. He told me to get dressed, that there was an important meeting, and Top and the Old Man said I needed to be there. I dressed, and we went back to the Orderly Room.

Due to troop reductions, we were being shut down, and everybody was to be assigned to the Aircraft Maintenance Battalion. We would have our last duty day on Saturday. This was Wednesday. We would receive our reassignment orders, tomorrow, and report on Monday. Top read us a list of where we were going. The only two to leave Vung Tau were the Old Man and SFC Money. They were going to Can Tho. The Old Man was going to take command of the Recovery Company, and SFC Money, who ALSO had been PROMOTED, was to be his First Sergeant. We were SO glad to hear this. They were top notch in our books. Decorum was out the window. There was a mad rush to congratulate Sgt Money on his promotion, and the Old Man on a GREAT assignment. SFE/1ST Sgt. Money announced we would have one last party together on Sunday. GUESTs were ENCOURAGED! I had been, due to my experience as a mechanic, assigned to the Direct Maintenance Motor Pool, and would be the Asst. Motor Sgt. Being a farm boy, plus being formally trained on generators, had got me the job. I would, in the future, only have one day off a week, instead of two, but would be able to work days, and have my nights to be home. Top was to be the 1st Sgt in the SAME COMPANY, AND CPT. Walker was to take over the COMMAND!

With all the hubbub, the meeting was adjourned and we went out to what we were doing. I was REALLY wishing Kim was there, NOW, so I could share the news with her. I was able to share SO LITTLE of what happened at work with her because it was, in my mind, at least, CLASSIFIED INFORMATION. OH WELL! She would be back Friday or Saturday. She would enjoy the party, and be glad for SFC Money and CPT. Walker. The only reason we had never had CPT, Walker to the house was the rule about fraternization between officers and NCOs. SFC Money had been down several times, and was quite taken with Thuoc. He spent as much time as he could, sometimes even spending the night with her. He made her happy, after having it explained to her,when he described her as being "Better than bubblegum, and MUCH TASTIER."

Paul took me back to the house, and went out on his inspection rounds. I stopped at a shop and bought a basket FULL of Kim Sandwiches. They were a Vietnamese hoagie. VERY DELICIUOS. We had all the drinks in the fridge, so lunch would be good. I walked in the gate, to see Lein and Thuoc in one of their "heated debates." They argued for fun, laughing as much as arguing. It always ended in the same way. A shared kiss, WITH TONGUES PROBING, and ending up in the bed, USUALLY. They were both DEFINITELY BI, but enjoying men even more. SURE ENOUGH, whether for my benefit, or just because the "discussion" had run its course, the KISS began, both feeling up the other, and loosening each others clothes in preparation for what was to come. There goes the dresses! They are both naked. Fingers are probing each other. The breathing has become ragged. YUP!!! Here they go! Straight to the nearest bed. I decide to follow and watch. I stop long enough to put the sandwiches in the fridge, and go to see how far along they are. They are in Kim and I's bed. The dresses are in MY hand. I didn't want them to get dirty. They are kissing still, so I go put their dresses on a hook in the bathroom.

I came back in, and they were turned around, 69, and licking each other like k**s on an ice cream cone. This HAS to be one of the most EROTIC sights, ANYWHERE! No matter how many times I have seen it, it is STILL a HUGE turn-on. Two beautiful girls eating each other to MULTIPLE ORGASMS IS A SIGHT TO BEHOLD! HERE THEY GO!!! They have their heads raised, moaning like a pair of lovely Banshees, fingers instead of tongues massaging each others pussies, three fingers inside each other. Once that first orgasm has subsided, the tongues are back in. I have an urge, so I MUST go take a leak. Too much coffee, plus Cokes, makes itself known. Done with this I go back to the show. I can tell by the moans that they are almost done. A few more minutes, and the scresms become DEAFENING. The separate, panting and covered in sweat, smiling like naughty imps on a spree. Both sets of eyes focus on me. I knew what was going to happen, now, too. They are both turned on beyond all sanity. THEY BOTH WANT A MAN!!!

They come over to me, each taking one of my hands. My clothes are loosened and my pants around my ankles. Then I am pushed to the bed, my boots and socks removed, and
my pants pulled off. Thuoc has now unbuttoned my shirt, and Lein takes my T-shirt. I am just as naked, now, as THEY are. A gentle shove and I am on my back. Lein has sat down on my face, leaving just enough room to breathe, and Thuoc has my dick in her mouth. I reach down to put two of MY fingers in Thuoc's pussy. I can feel, by the way she is sucking me, that she is enjoying it. I move my thumb over to massage her clit, and she begins to moan. Lein is having her first orgasm from MY tongue, and clamps her legs to draw closer. When she is finished, she falls backward, and Thuoc climbs aboard to "ride horsey." I am NEARLY as excited as they are, and, shortly I unload inside Thuoc's warm, wet pussy. Lein who has got her second wind, crawls down, pushing Thuoc over a bit, and licking HER pussy clean, even sucking my cum out of her pussy, AND SWALLOWING IT, AND BEGINS TO SUCK MY COCK. When it is hard enough, she, too climbs on. SHE likes "horsey," TOO!

Thuoc loves, ALSO, to watch other girls getting fucked, and has shifted around so her face is mere inches from where my dick is sawing in and out of Lein's pussy. This puts HER pussy, right in front of MY eyes. I notice, for the first time, that Thuoc has COMPLETELY shaved HER pussy. It is as bald as a cue-ball, and pink as a babie's butt, except for the brown lips of her pussy. She is also SOAKING WET. Her juice is running down her leg in STREAMS. Lein is busy, so I raise my head, pull Thuoc a little closer, and begin licking her pussy clean. She pulls my head in closer, still, and grinds her pussy into my mouth. PLEASE, GOD! If I MUST DIE...LET IT BE NOW.
I come back to Earth to the sounds of the girls calling the monkeys. They both collapse, as do I. I will need help just to sit up.

Hong walks in and takes a look at us on the bed. "UH-HUH! They got YOU. They tell me they try get YOU, this time. Both pissed off 'cuz you fuck Vicki, so much, don' give THEM no cock. They say they know how make you beaucoup horney, then they fuck you, so you no can stand up. Look like they DO. I go get you towel. I leave them alone, so you can rest."

She got me the wet towel, washed me off, and helped me outside. She guided me to a chair so I WOULDN'T be in position for a "sneak attack." BLESS YOU, HONG." I thought.

I sat there for just a few seconds, and she returned with two of the sandwiches, and a TALL glass with ice and TWO Cokes inside. She also had pulled a bag of chips out to go with them. She went back inside, and returned with a bowl of noodles and chicken. She sat down next to me, in another chair, to keep me company, AND in her words, to "make udder girls leab you alone. They fuck you too much, already." Then, with her "Mona Lisa" smile she finished her thought. "If KIM no come home, yet, tonight you stay MY house." She and I had had something special, from the start. She was MUCH mor sympathetic than any except Kim. If she sensed I was tired, she would let me rest until I wanted to do whatever. She didn't try to be anything she wasn't, and was ALWAYS looking out for Kim's interest.

It was getting a bit late. It was 1530 and I had to go to work at 1700. I finished my food, and moved over to the hammock, Hong STILL on guard. When Paul arrived, she woke me up, and had my clothes there, so I could change. It wasn't like someone would see me naked, that hadn't, already.

We went to the Unit, conducted the guard mount, and posted the guards. Thankfully, EVERYTHING, went as it should. Paul stayed with me longer than usual, stopping the driver to get me coffee, MUCH more than usual. He got out just over from the house and told me one of the others would be checking on me, later.

Luckily the roads were NOT SMOOTHE, and the bouncing around kept me awake. For once, the night was MUCH too long. I usually ENJOYED my job, joking around with the other cadre, AND THE GUARDS. They were, for the MOST part, a great bunch of guys. They realized tha they had it good, ESPECIALLY compared to the men in the bush. They pulled their duty, and went back, at the end, to a soft, warm bed. There were ALWAYS a few that thought they had it rough, but they were few, and far between. I cautioned them constantly, about getting a REMF (Rear Eschelon Mother Fucker)
attitude, and thinking they were BETTER! A VERY GOOD way to get their asses KICKED.

FINALLY!!! It was time to pick up the relief. We swept out the truck, fuelled it up, and went to the Unit to pick up the new guards. They were there, all lined up and waiting. The driver and I climbed out of the truck, and turned it over to Smitty(the Driver) and Paul. They would post the new guards, and bring home the old ones.

I went inside to finish my paperwork, and received a cup of coffee from William. John was behind his desk, and made a few snide remarks about me looking like a walking advertisement for death. He had, lately, been spending more time in the barracks.

A little bit, and Paul and Smitty came in and asked if I was ready to go. I was so tired I didn't even mess with John about his "sense of humor." I just wanted to get home, and in a bed, ALONE!!!

We went around, finally getting to the house. I jumped down, thanked Paul and Smitty for the ride and went down the path to the house. It was still quiet. THAT WAS GOOD!

I went inside, took a shower, and headed for the bed. Hong was there, so no problem.
I lay down beside her on the bed, and saw her eyes were closed, so I thought she was asl**p. I stretched out, and she raised up and gave me a kiss, telling me to rest and she would watch out for me.

I was out for, it seemed, only a little while, when I was awakened by more kisses.

I opened my eyes, and THERE WAS KIM!!! She had given the papers to her Father, and, when they were finished, he would bring them to US.



This made her cry.
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